Fire Precaution Works

Conducting a fire risk assessment and preparing an emergency escape plan are both obligatory requirements under the fire precautions (Workplace Regulations) 1997 as subsequently amended. Organizations failing to comply with the regulations face not only criminal prosecution, but also invalidations to their Employers Liability Insurance.
Tanwood Construction can either arrange for a site inspection by a fire specialist who would then compile a report giving recommendations of the required upgrades or alterations to your premises which we would then carry out. Additionally, if you have already had a fire report commissioned by yourselves and are looking for a contractor to undertake the works advised by the reports, Tanwood Construction will be able to undertake these works upon your request.Tanwood Construction are able to carry out a comprehensive range of fire risk building works from:

  • Upgrading existing structures using intumescent products.
  • Fitting purpose made fire doors and frames.
  • Install fire rated integrity server rooms.
  • Under-drawing of ceilings, stair voids, and plant room ceilings using fire rated boards.
  • Construction of access ramps for fire exit doors.
  • Integration of fire breaks in roof or ceiling voids.
  • Routing emergency lighting and signage.

BM Trada Fire Door Installers
We are fully compliant with BM Trada Fire door installation
This involves:

  • Background to test requirements
  • Anatomy of fire resistant doorsets
  • Installation and maintenance of fire doors
  • Fire testing, test reports and the role of assessments
  • Third party certification
  • Fire resistance testing

Ratby Primary School. Installation of aluminium doors and steel fire escape to hall